Retail: Therapy

I think working in retail has ordained me to deal with a lot of crap. Lol. It has taught me to perservere, be patient, thick-skinned, happy, sad, mad, and dumbfounded.

I have a wonderful time helping customers find what they need, and getting that interaction you might get with 2-3 customers a day where you feel you brought them some happiness….

but other times… you get this.

Lady: Hi, just looking.

Me: Let me know if there’s something I can help you find.

Lady: Well, I’d like to find a shirt I can wear without a bra, because I don’t have one on..

Lol. Greeeeeaaat….

Or you get the customers that come in and take 10 items to try on. I let them know, I will put their items back, but they start folding and messing up your coworker’s displays..

I’ve done this before, I worked in retail.

I guess……. but working in retail 17 years ago.. doesn’t really count.

Well hopefully nothing else tonight.

A terrifying feeling

So, I manage a small business. One of my worse fears, happened almost two months ago. I was forced into having to fire someone. Although, I understood their reasoning, it was just not easy. Especially being a fairly new manager.

I’ve got the hiring part down, which is also such a risque game of chance. But firing someone was so difficult. I was worried how they’d take it, if they’d be aggressive or hateful? I was worried about ruining that relationship with that employee.

In the end, I have managed it well. I wish them the best. I just hope they don’t resent ME, but that’s business, right?

The Big 2-3!

My 23rd birthday is coming up. I booked a 4-day (3 nights) over to Oahu just to spend some time there. I’m re-thinking about my life at the moment and I’m feeling quite depressed. I guess that’s just my #scorpio nature? I should be happy, I’m close to graduating, I have a great job… but I just feel empty. I’ve always felt that I should be living on Oahu, on my own, now. But I can’t have everything I have now, if I move. I’ve been looking at jobs on craigslist, looking at other things. I just feel like if I move to Oahu I want to work in the Honolulu, in the city. I don’t really want to be in a rural area, although it looks really nice. :\

I also feel that work isn’t challenging. I used to think it was fun to manage people. But I feel at the moment, it’s really stagnant. I’m focusing a lot on school at the moment, but hopefully everything goes well. I’d really like to finish up. any day now!  I really like to enjoy fun before I die of depression! Lol. Kidding. But really.

I hate that feeling when I’m “talking” to someone and it hits a brick-wall. I get bored easily, I think. I’m tired of just talking, but I feel like I’m not even interested anymore. I’m a conversation type, and I feel if someone can’t carry a conversation with me I’m not even sure. He’s told me that he really doesn’t want to lost me to a wandering soul, but I’m definitely a wandering person. I feel like I can’t be contained. Which leads me to my next depressing thought: Will I ever find someone for me? Maybe this year isn’t my year, although 2012’s prediction for scorpio was spot on financially. We’ll see how 2014 does for me. Perhaps something real.

Anyways, I hope I’m able to have fun.