A terrifying feeling

So, I manage a small business. One of my worse fears, happened almost two months ago. I was forced into having to fire someone. Although, I understood their reasoning, it was just not easy. Especially being a fairly new manager.

I’ve got the hiring part down, which is also such a risque game of chance. But firing someone was so difficult. I was worried how they’d take it, if they’d be aggressive or hateful? I was worried about ruining that relationship with that employee.

In the end, I have managed it well. I wish them the best. I just hope they don’t resent ME, but that’s business, right?


Like many young Americans, I find life very very hard to wade through. I’m still living at home with my mom and sisters. I just can’t imagine struggling to pay bills, I rather sacrifice my freedom for the moment. It’s just so stressing. I’m thankful that I maintained a job while attending school full time.

I’m in my last two semesters at UHWO before I get my Bachelor’s in Business. I’m very ecstatic. I’m also very excited because my job promotion allows me more leeway with my bills. I no longer struggle too much w/ bills because I’m getting paid better and salary too. I’m not complaining.

Now though, I see all my friends struggling and nothing much I can do to help. I just started this business with Wake Up Now, not because I was the “lucrative” compensation, mind you I have my plate full. My friend Jerrell pitched this onto me, and I was like hmmm, sounds too much for me. Nevertheless, I Googled this company. My initial thoughts? It’s a scam.

But I figured it can’t hurt to try. I’m enjoying the discounts. I like it! I’m enjoying the freebies. Love it! But getting others onboard is quite hard. :\ I’m not good at selling something that not in my hands. I can sell my ass of t-shirts, but this one is harder. I’m guessing I’m not in the mind-set to spread an amazing product. It’s designed to help keep people out of debt and lower it, meanwhile, offering them a great way to earn residual income.

Well, I have a couple term papers to write. So online marketing has to wait. I seriously cannot wait to finish school. It’s taking over my life.