Marriage and Bars.  

I have two good friends who are going through issues with their marriage.  One couple, they are 28 years old and the other is 23-24 years old.  Both women are having issues with their man, because their husbands want to go to the bar, every weekend.

What is the rule when you’re married?   Is it still ethical to go to the bar every weekend without your spouse? 

Let me know your thoughts! 

Don’t Leave Men In Charge

One of my employees… Asked if he could just get dental care instead of our whole medical deal. I told him I’d check with our operations manager…. So I asked him… 12 days ago! Hasn’t gotten back. My employee asked me if I heard anything. Ha. I warned him too.

This lead me to tell my employee don’t leave men in charge. Sh*t never gets done!
It’s so true. Look at the whole government shut down….. MEN WHO CAN’T GET SHIT DONE! Granted….. I hate stressing out last minute. So I push to start things off early. And yes not everyone’s as perfect as me (lol) but seriously those men need to get it together both in office and the corporate office.


Me: I’ll run for president, watch things will get done

Him: Well you better age fast because I’ll be pushing 70 when you’re eligible to run.

LOL! He’s cute.