Retail: Therapy

I think working in retail has ordained me to deal with a lot of crap. Lol. It has taught me to perservere, be patient, thick-skinned, happy, sad, mad, and dumbfounded.

I have a wonderful time helping customers find what they need, and getting that interaction you might get with 2-3 customers a day where you feel you brought them some happiness….

but other times… you get this.

Lady: Hi, just looking.

Me: Let me know if there’s something I can help you find.

Lady: Well, I’d like to find a shirt I can wear without a bra, because I don’t have one on..

Lol. Greeeeeaaat….

Or you get the customers that come in and take 10 items to try on. I let them know, I will put their items back, but they start folding and messing up your coworker’s displays..

I’ve done this before, I worked in retail.

I guess……. but working in retail 17 years ago.. doesn’t really count.

Well hopefully nothing else tonight.