Relationships: Reassurance

One of the things that I’m still learning when it comes to relationships is how to reassure your significant other that you love them or still love them. I feel like when it comes to love, I’m better at showing him that I love him.

Perhaps, it stems from my parents?

Growing up in an Asian household, I don’t recall my parents telling me they love me (often) after a certain age. But I knew they loved me because they always made sure we had food on the table, and money when we went out with our friends, and luckily I was able to get picked up almost every day! So I KNOW they loved me, they just never said it.

At the beginning of my relationship, he’s always told me he loved me first. It took me a while to admit I did love him, and to say it. I would always show it, getting up first to make us our breakfast and lunch (only a few people in my life is that important for me to lose sleep over). LOL. Even when our jobs switched up our shifts, there were times we wouldn’t see each other but I’d have his lunch and dinner prepared. I do love him.

I am just terrible with words.

What are some ways to reassure our partner you love them and they have a solid spot in your life?

Marriage and Bars.  

I have two good friends who are going through issues with their marriage.  One couple, they are 28 years old and the other is 23-24 years old.  Both women are having issues with their man, because their husbands want to go to the bar, every weekend.

What is the rule when you’re married?   Is it still ethical to go to the bar every weekend without your spouse? 

Let me know your thoughts!