Marriage and Bars.  

I have two good friends who are going through issues with their marriage.  One couple, they are 28 years old and the other is 23-24 years old.  Both women are having issues with their man, because their husbands want to go to the bar, every weekend.

What is the rule when you’re married?   Is it still ethical to go to the bar every weekend without your spouse? 

Let me know your thoughts! 

Unhealthy Relationships

My coworker recently just got married. At first I was excited and happy for her, because they’ve been engaged for over 5 years.

However, for the past year I’ve known her, it’s been nothing but her venting about things she doesn’t like he does. For example, he LOVES to go out with his coworkers (people he already sees 12-14 hours a day) when he’s off work. Which cut into their quality time. He’d rather drag her to the bar WITH him and his friends so they could all hang out. On their honeymoon, they hung out with HIS friends. It seems he has a dependency on his friends.  She’s expressed how she feels to him, but it falls on deaf ears.

I feel bad for her because my boyfriend is so thoughtful and treates me how she wants to be treated by her husband. Yikes.

Before she went through with her marriage, another coworker and I were discussing how afraid we were for her, because he puts in more effort than he does when it comes to the relationship. Even though we’ve told her, she still decided to marry him and put up with it.

Sometimes people in unhealthy relationships don’t hear this, even thought hey should remove themselves from the situation. What would you do if this was someone you cared about?

Lagging on life

Do you ever feel like you’re the last to do everything? I feel like my life is lagging, like an Internet Explorer window (LOL).

I’m 25…
– no kids
– not married
– don’t own a house

I feel because everyone around me has kids, I feel left out.  I also feel because most of my classmates are on their 2nd-3rd child, I’m behind.  When I think about me having kids into my 30’s, I’m thinking I’m going to be so ancient!

Gah.  Society puts too much pressure onto us.