Hiking: Lulumahu Falls

So, the day began with us (boyfriend & brother) pigging out on pizza. We thought it’d be fun to go to the swim hole near my brother’s house, but somehow, spontaneously, ended up doing Lulumahu Falls.

We had NO shoes on, no bug spray, no sunscreen, and no water! LOL!

But we had fun, and were rewarded with a nice swim hole at the end of the water.




You know, I used to think (keywords: used to) yea, we need gun control and we need to limit the amount of guns and people with guns. We need to check to make sure psychos are not carrying guns. We need to make sure it’s not easy to buy a gun.

But last month we had a man open fire in a club, killing over 50 people. Last week we had a man open fire on a protest and kill and injure over a dozen policemen. We have cops shooting civilians, as well as civilians shooting civilians.

So in the light of all the incidents lately, I think that we need to really just scrap all guns. Let’s just melt them down and make something cool with it.

Growing up in Hawaii, it’s super rare to hear about someone getting shot by a gun.

  1. It’s hard to get a gun here.

Maybe, the reason why we don’t have many policemen shootings or people shooting policemen is because we don’t have a huge population of people with guns. CCW is illegal in Hawaii. So whoever is carrying would get in trouble.

I can empathize with people in the states because policemen respond to calls and it’s POSSIBLE that they could get shot at, because some states allow open carry. Thus they are on edge about responding to calls. I can also empathize with minorities, especially black people (#blacklivesmatter) being AFRAID of cops because they are getting shot at, especially when there is a mention that someone is LEGALLY carrying a gun.

So maybe just let that sink in. We don’t need guns. We need change. And permitting MORE people to carry weapons, is not a change.


The whole race thing….

Aloha Everyone,

Growing up in Hawaii, we dealt with racism but it’s not on the scale of what we see on national news and media outlets. We have many ethnicities in a small area, but we generally share the “Aloha.” Of course, in elementary I was picked on by Filipinos, Tongans and Hawaiians. But I don’t hate ALL Filipinos, Tongans and Hawaiians. In fact, most of my friends are of different races. And getting to learn the culture and people is what makes us a real melting pot.

I remember one Thanksgiving at my cousins’ house, we had Pho, Spring Rolls, Patele, gandule rice (SP?), Kalua Pork, and honey glazed ham…

It’s so scary for me to turn onto the media outlet, and there’s always something “unjust” being report. Whether, it’s an unarmed innocent black man getting shot and killed or a young white male getting 6 months in prison for raping a girl. It’s such a cruel world we live in that, your skin color still affects how you are treated. Especially, growing up in a place where there are so many skin colors and you don’t hear of such a travesty.

I hope that our country is able to find a solution for the police brutality, and especially the racism that exists in our country. Just learn to share the Aloha with everyone.

What are your suggestions on how to make our country a loving and accepting place?