When buying a car…

Just wanted to save this for future notes…

Yesterday at the car dealership, they were trying to “trick” me into paying more than the financing options. If you are buying a new car, keep pressing them to go down on the APR % so you don’t end up paying some ridiculous amount.

So I checked my credit karma app yesterday, and my grade was about 790. I knew, walking in, I should get a good deal with financing. Anyways, the amount I financed was about $24,000 on a car. They wanted me to pay $450 a  month, for 60 months. Do you know how much that is? That’s $27,000! Nuh-uh boo, boo! Not today.

Anyways, I ended up walking out financing $25,000 but no APR %

Keep doing research and don’t get suckered into a bad deal. And work on your credit score of course. :)

Hiking with my brother 

So, twice my brother has invited us hiking lol.  I wake up early thinking, it’s going to be a strenuous hike and we’re going to need sunscreen, mosquito spray, shoes, plastic bags, etc.  But nope.  He’s showed us shortcuts twice.  Literally could have done in slippers lol.  



You know, I used to think (keywords: used to) yea, we need gun control and we need to limit the amount of guns and people with guns. We need to check to make sure psychos are not carrying guns. We need to make sure it’s not easy to buy a gun.

But last month we had a man open fire in a club, killing over 50 people. Last week we had a man open fire on a protest and kill and injure over a dozen policemen. We have cops shooting civilians, as well as civilians shooting civilians.

So in the light of all the incidents lately, I think that we need to really just scrap all guns. Let’s just melt them down and make something cool with it.

Growing up in Hawaii, it’s super rare to hear about someone getting shot by a gun.

  1. It’s hard to get a gun here.

Maybe, the reason why we don’t have many policemen shootings or people shooting policemen is because we don’t have a huge population of people with guns. CCW is illegal in Hawaii. So whoever is carrying would get in trouble.

I can empathize with people in the states because policemen respond to calls and it’s POSSIBLE that they could get shot at, because some states allow open carry. Thus they are on edge about responding to calls. I can also empathize with minorities, especially black people (#blacklivesmatter) being AFRAID of cops because they are getting shot at, especially when there is a mention that someone is LEGALLY carrying a gun.

So maybe just let that sink in. We don’t need guns. We need change. And permitting MORE people to carry weapons, is not a change.