Hiking with my brother 

So, twice my brother has invited us hiking lol.  I wake up early thinking, it’s going to be a strenuous hike and we’re going to need sunscreen, mosquito spray, shoes, plastic bags, etc.  But nope.  He’s showed us shortcuts twice.  Literally could have done in slippers lol.  

Leaving the Nest….

Well, after years of trying to subtly hint that I’d like to live on my own, or have my own space. My mom has kind of come to terms that I’m moving. To be honest, Asian cultures, they often do not let their kids grow and they tend to “nurture” us into adulthood. And it makes sense that you live with your parents and then you end up taking care of your parents in their old age. Plus, with the cost of living here on Maui, it’s literally impossible to get your own place unless you get roommates, and trust me the pick of people here… ahem, I just wouldn’t.

I’m very excited to finally leave the nest! I’ll be moving to another island and I’ll still managing another store in our company! J I’ll also be paying rent and staying with my uncle for a couple months before I find my own place.

I think my mom is only letting me fly because next year when my little sister graduates, she can come stay with me… lol.

But yay me, little birdie is getting out of the nest! Finally finished with my Bachelor’s in Business! Yeeeeyeeeeyeee!

Any tips for moving? Especially for a first timer?


It dawned upon me that while Americans are tweeting, instragamming or facebooking photos of their thanksgiving day meal, is the rest of the world looking at us like we’re big fat greedy Americans? I mean there’s people in the world that do not have the option to even eat 1/4 of what we’re indulging on tonight. Hmm.

Oh I didn’t do thanksgiving this year, my mother & one of my sisters are in Vietnam. So there will be no big feast for my other sister & I.

Anyways, just a thought when you’re biting into your turkey leg like a neanderthal lol.