Hiking: Lulumahu Falls

So, the day began with us (boyfriend & brother) pigging out on pizza. We thought it’d be fun to go to the swim hole near my brother’s house, but somehow, spontaneously, ended up doing Lulumahu Falls.

We had NO shoes on, no bug spray, no sunscreen, and no water! LOL!

But we had fun, and were rewarded with a nice swim hole at the end of the water.


Adventure Time: Mermaid Cave

My boyfriend and I were trying to adventure and found out that there’s a swimming hole in a cave, on the west side of Oahu, called Mermaid Cave.

So we took a nice drive out to the West Side on his motorcycle. It was a great ride out there. There was A LOT of construction on the West Side, so those trying to get some rays in, at their beaches, beware. Especially if you’re coming from townside.

The cave wasn’t as cool as pictures made it seem. It’s a pretty low cave, you have to climb down into the hole and stay crouched. The tide was very high the day we went, locals warned some of the tourists not to go in there, because it was so high. There were sand crabs everywhere, so I don’t think people stayed there too long. People who arrived after us, went down to look, and spent 5-10 minutes taking selfies & photos, and left the beach.

It was a beautiful beach though.  Today was a pitch perfect day to go to the beach.  We should have packed a day for the beach but we didn’t.  Next time.