Fitness, Motivation, and Love.

Something I’ve always struggled with was my weight.  Growing up, I was always the fat kid at school. It made me very uncomfortable in my own skin and made me doubt myself, with everything.

I started my journey when my sister Dee, started her’s. She was shedding a ton of weight. So my younger sister, Tee, and I also hopped on board with her. After losing 20 lbs, I was very confident in myself. My self-esteemed improved, I felt happy, I was reeling in the boys (first time ever lol).

After, moving out and in with my boyfriend the weight has slowly added back on.  I exercise less. I think being with my boyfriend, we’ve both lost the motivation to jump into the gym. We started going at first, but we’re such bad influences on each other. After being away from each other all day, we just want to cuddle up and love on each other.

It’s so hard for us to find motivation to get to and go hiking (what we use to do a lot).  I’d love for us to get back to our old sizes and be happier and start doing outdoorsy things again.

Any advice on how to keep motivated when you’re in a relationship?