Dating: To be or not to be?

Current situation: Too many guys

So, in my previous entry I had stated that I start out talking to too many guys. I’m single, is that wrong?

I think I start off talking to so many people because I’m honestly bored with life. My routine is literally the same every day, I wake up, I go to work, I come home, I do homework, shower, eat, sleep. But in my in between time, I get to talk to someone whose witty or interesting it makes time seem to slow down just a bit. Sometimes the attention makes me smile. Is that wrong?

My cousin, K, she’s on-and-off with her boyfriend K.Lana. I think she started talking to him in the same context, how I talk to my guy friends. It just starts off as friends. However, the difference between K and I is that, she is always in a relationship.

I don’t feel like that is for me. I will not assume that I’m dating someone because we’ve talked for 3 months, you know? It’s really weird to me. Let alone, a guy I’ve never met before. That’s extremely weird. But for me I’d like to gradually build a friendship and take it from there, I don’t feel I should exclusively hop into a relationship with someone while we’re “talking” or getting to know each other. But that’s me!

So for people who are in happy relationships, what works? Did you hop into an exclusive relationship right away? Or did you get to know each other as friends first?