Marriage and Bars.  

I have two good friends who are going through issues with their marriage.  One couple, they are 28 years old and the other is 23-24 years old.  Both women are having issues with their man, because their husbands want to go to the bar, every weekend.

What is the rule when you’re married?   Is it still ethical to go to the bar every weekend without your spouse? 

Let me know your thoughts! 

Relationships: Scary Thoughts

You know what is a scary thought? Relationships. Being in a relationship.

When I was a teen, all my friends did the date a classmate for a week or two, whatever. I always felt like the black sheep because I never had a boyfriend. Did I want one? Yes, sometimes.

Now that I am in a relationship (new to this whole thing). It scares me. I don’t doubt his love, nor do I doubt my love for him. But it’s scary that we (I) put all our trust into someone, and we only know how WE (or I) feel. We have to go in blind. And at any given moment, this trust can be broken.

But, I’m really happy. I hope this will last and that I luck out (because I waited) and he turns out to be, “the one.”

In a relationship…

I don’t know where to start. For as long as I can remember, I never was in a relationship, or wanted to be in one…

  1. My self-esteem about myself, wasn’t the best.
  2. My friends annoyed me with their constant need to be in a relationship.

I always told myself, focus on school and yourself. Which is what resulted to me “talking” to a lot of people. However, after being with Mo for 1 year, officially. I’ve never been happier. I just don’t know what it is. A lot of people have told me that, it’s because it’s my “first” relationship, so that is why it feels like a Honeymoon all the time.

Overall, I’m surprised because all my old thoughts from my younger 20’s have been wiped away by my boyfriend. I always though, I needed constant change from someone to keep my entertained. But Mo and I could be doing nothing and still enjoy each other’s company. I literally, cannot imagine being away from him for long. I hate that I’m so attached. lol.

He’s currently in Arizona, visiting his brothers. He calls me every night, and even this morning. I didn’t make him, he said he wanted to. God, he’s so amazing and cute. He makes me feel so secure and that I don’t have to worry about anyone or anything.