So earlier last year, I registered to vote, since I just moved. Anyways, I’m trying to research on the candidates that are running for opening positions for my state’s US REP and Senate & I’m finding absolutely sh*t!

Where do I go to find their stances?

I wish they just got straight to the point. Most of their websites have absolutely useless information about how many dogs and children they have. -_-

Thanks Hawaii!

Guilty Pleasure

I’ve always had this guilty pleasure since a teenager. My mom used to watch “Phim Tau” (Chinese movies/TV shows) that were dubbed into Vietnamese. These shows could range from 30-40 episodes (or more). So, as a teenager I used to go through my mom’s collection of TV series she’s collected (mostly from the 80’s-90’s).

Now that I’m out of the house, and constantly trying to find these shows (I prefer them in Vietnamese, but that seldomly ever happens). So I’ve switched to Drama Fever. LOL.

Anyways, one of the things I used to THINK I could do, was write reviews for these series. PFFT, yea that didn’t work out well. I remember I used to take a book and write notes as I watched the series (LOL) and take snapshots of it. Now, it’s to easy to screenshot. But, I’m too lazy for that now. I’d rather watch.

I hope in the future, someone launches a website so I can watch these series in Vietnamese, because that’s how I retained my language. Bahaha.

Anyways, have a great day everyone.

Hiking: Lulumahu Falls

So, the day began with us (boyfriend & brother) pigging out on pizza. We thought it’d be fun to go to the swim hole near my brother’s house, but somehow, spontaneously, ended up doing Lulumahu Falls.

We had NO shoes on, no bug spray, no sunscreen, and no water! LOL!

But we had fun, and were rewarded with a nice swim hole at the end of the water.