When buying a car…

Just wanted to save this for future notes…

Yesterday at the car dealership, they were trying to “trick” me into paying more than the financing options. If you are buying a new car, keep pressing them to go down on the APR % so you don’t end up paying some ridiculous amount.

So I checked my credit karma app yesterday, and my grade was about 790. I knew, walking in, I should get a good deal with financing. Anyways, the amount I financed was about $24,000 on a car. They wanted me to pay $450 a  month, for 60 months. Do you know how much that is? That’s $27,000! Nuh-uh boo, boo! Not today.

Anyways, I ended up walking out financing $25,000 but no APR %

Keep doing research and don’t get suckered into a bad deal. And work on your credit score of course. :)


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