Instant Pot

Before, my car woes, I had made a purchase of the Instant Pot. I hate slaving over a stove making meals, so I looked up pressure cookers. My uncle had one of these, and I remember he used it because he hated cooking on the stove top and using too much oils in his food.

I’m finally getting a chance to try it out today. I’m making shoyu chicken tonight, kind of afraid of how it’ll turn out, but we’ll see!

If you have any recipes or blog sites, please share with me!

When buying a car…

Just wanted to save this for future notes…

Yesterday at the car dealership, they were trying to “trick” me into paying more than the financing options. If you are buying a new car, keep pressing them to go down on the APR % so you don’t end up paying some ridiculous amount.

So I checked my credit karma app yesterday, and my grade was about 790. I knew, walking in, I should get a good deal with financing. Anyways, the amount I financed was about $24,000 on a car. They wanted me to pay $450 a  month, for 60 months. Do you know how much that is? That’s $27,000! Nuh-uh boo, boo! Not today.

Anyways, I ended up walking out financing $25,000 but no APR %

Keep doing research and don’t get suckered into a bad deal. And work on your credit score of course. :)


So earlier last year, I registered to vote, since I just moved. Anyways, I’m trying to research on the candidates that are running for opening positions for my state’s US REP and Senate & I’m finding absolutely sh*t!

Where do I go to find their stances?

I wish they just got straight to the point. Most of their websites have absolutely useless information about how many dogs and children they have. -_-

Thanks Hawaii!