15 Important Truths That Will Change How You Think About Introverts

Love this. Explains it all about me!

Thought Catalog

Introverts can be difficult to know – because we often require a little more work that the average bear. We take time to build real relationships, because having genuine interactions with those we spend our time with is important, and we don’t care for small talk. Because of our Fort Knox-like nature, there’s a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about what we’re really like – and even this post won’t do all introverts justice. We are infinite.

However, if you’re going to try to get to know us, get to know the real us. That’s important to an introvert. With that in mind, here’s 15 misconceptions that we need to clear up right now. We’re not who you think we are. We’re even better.

1. Not all introverts seem like introverts.

It can be difficult to spot us, and it’s not as easy as playing “Where’s Waldo?” because we don’t…

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