It dawned upon me that while Americans are tweeting, instragamming or facebooking photos of their thanksgiving day meal, is the rest of the world looking at us like we’re big fat greedy Americans? I mean there’s people in the world that do not have the option to even eat 1/4 of what we’re indulging on tonight. Hmm.

Oh I didn’t do thanksgiving this year, my mother & one of my sisters are in Vietnam. So there will be no big feast for my other sister & I.

Anyways, just a thought when you’re biting into your turkey leg like a neanderthal lol.

Men will never understand…

… neither will anyone else.

I guess you can say I’m a very… difficult personality to deal with. I’m glad that the people in my life, remain in my life. I’m just very very hard to please.

I recently got a package from Richard in the mail. Last year, I told him I thought baby hippos are cute. What does he do? He orders a hippo stuffed animal for me… Umm? I didn’t ask for a hippo toy, nor am I like “other girls” that collect stuffed animals. It seems my words or actions seem to make people want to buy me something. This year. What does Richard send me? A towel (with the design of a $100) and a cup that is like a long-extendable camera lens. I think Tiffany likes the gifts more than I do. lol. I don’t know why he sent me this or what his intentions are. I told him thanks. He asks me if I like the gifts. I can’t lie, I don’t! I have no use for it. 

Another example:

  • I was shopping with my mom and I saw something and said “Aww, it’s cute.” When I say it’s cute, it doesn’t necessarily mean I want it. Does it? What does she do? She goes out and buys it for me when I’m not with her. She also did this with a Versace perfume set thing she bought for me, for my birthday. Which is collecting dust, but apparently she uses it.

It’s the thought that counts.

I seriously have no idea what his thoughts were behind these gifts. I need to write a gifting guide for me. I hate getting gifts that I will not use or I don’t need. And my thoughts? It’s clutter.

I guess I just need to work on being more appreciative. But seriously when I say I don’t want anything, don’t get me anything. I can’t even make a decision on what I want. When I want something I’ll usually buy it myself. But it comes and goes often.

Anyways, my birthday is in 2 days. My flight is tomorrow!

6 Years

If I had knew how fun WordPress was I would have frequently posted on her instead of xanga! I apparently just made the 6 year make with WordPress though. :) How exciting!! I hope to continue with blogging, for my own benefit. I don’t often have a theme around my posts but I hope someone out there enjoys them!

P.S. I’m really really still bummed about how xanga lets me save my blogs, but I can’t really “upload” to my current wordpress. WTH?